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Mr. Samson P.H. Kobbah, II President
Welcome to The Liberian Association of Michigan Website.
The LAM provides charitable services to Liberians and other nationals who are members of the association. Also, it endeavor to enhance the educational, social and economic well being of its members, as well as promote the cultural heritage of Liberia; to establish brotherhood and goodwill, and enhance understanding among Liberians and other nationals.
Membership is opened to all Liberians by birth, naturalization, or heritage, and all other nationals who reside in the state of Michigan, and accept the principles and objectives of the LAM.
Please send us a membership request to be a part of a noble cause to serve our community.
LAM Constitution
Read the By-Laws and Constitution of The Liberian Association of Michigan. MORE
LAM Due Payment Policy
Due are levied according to the membership type that a members holds. See our policy. MORE
LAM Election Guidelines
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LAM News And Events
A note from the President

On November 4, 2017 during the inauguration ceremonies at the Liberian Community Center, you were given an update on the state of the roof of our community center. We not only told you but we showed you –through pictures- what the current condition of the roof is. MORE

Thank you note from The Children and Youth Committee

The Children and Youth Committee, Liberian Association of Michigan extends thanks and appreciations to everyone for attending and/or donating towards the success of our Annual Halloween party.It was much fun and we enjoyed celebrating with the wonderful children and parents in and around our community. MORE

LAM Board Updated Listing

The below listed individuals constitute the official membership of the Board of Directors of the Liberian Association of Michigan as of November 1, 2017. MORE

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    2017 Calendar (See PDF Version)

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