About The LAM

The purpose of The Liberian Association of Michigan is to provide charitable services to Liberians and other nationals who are members of the association. The LAM endeavosr to enhance the educational, social and economic well being of its members, as well as promote the cultural heritage of Liberia; to establish brotherhood and goodwill, and enhance understanding among Liberians and other nationals.

It is in the spirit of the above that we extends membership to all Liberians by birth, naturalization, or heritage, and all other nationals who reside in the state of Michigan, espouse the aims and objectives of the association, and are willing to pay membership dues.

The categories of membership in the Liberian Association of Michigan are: Regular and Patron Memberships respectively. The details of these two categories of membership are provided in the By-Laws and constitution of the association.

The Executive Commitee headed by the president, runs the day to day affairs of the association, while various standing committees plan and execute special programs. The Board of Directors performs oversight and advisory roles in the affairs of the association .

LAM Constitution
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LAM Due Payment Policy
Due are levied according to the membership type that a members holds. See our policy. MORE
LAM Election Guidelines
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